Ronald Fetters

Chartered Financial Consultant® Chartered Advisor for Senior Living®

My passion is wealth management. I oversee and coordinate the financial affairs of a select group of individuals, families, and small businesses to develop a set of goals, develop a plan to help pursue their goals, and review them to stay on track. I focus on what is important to them.

Over the three decades of servicing my clients, one thing I have learned is that everyone is different. I believe in providing holistic education for clients to help them make better decisions about their financial affairs.

My practice includes clients in Spokane WA, northern Idaho, Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida. As my clients aged, they moved to warmer areas and to be around their extended family. My Florida clients love to call me in the winter and say "It's another beautiful day in southern Florida".

You should contact me if you:
1. Are currently retired or near retirement and are seeking retirement income.
2. Are looking for a holistic "Goals-Based Wealth Management" financial advisor.
3. Are looking for an advisor who "Listens" to you and is not interested in their own agenda.
4. Are a non-profit considering a Request for Proposal for your current investment portfolio or 403(b).
5. Are small business looking for second opinion on your 401(k) plan.